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Holland Township Recreation is excited to announce we are partnering with Jenna Spears + Ryan Settlemyre of PROmotion Pickleball along with City of Holland Recreation, Zeeland Recreation and Park Township Recreation to offer a variety of pickleball clinics (youth & adult), adult league play and more ALL over the Holland/Zeeland area! 

Adult Clinics: Brand New Clinics | Advanced Beginners Clinics | Intermediate Clinics | Advanced 3.5+ Clinics | Third Shot Drop Clinics | Serve + Serve Return Clinics | Dink Strategies Clinics | Resets Clinics | Drives & Blocking Clinics | Rolls & Punch Shots Clinics

Adult & Child Clinics: Adult & Child Clinic

Youth Clinics: Adult & Child Clinics | Kids Beginners Clinics | Kids Experienced Clinics

All registrations for clinic & league play are ran through the City of Holland Recreation Website. 

Clinic Locations: Clinics will rotate between Moran Park (City of Holland), Huizenga Park (Zeeland), Beechwood Park (Holland Township), Helder Park (Holland Township) and Winstrom Park (Park Township) Pickleball Courts. Make sure you pay close attention to the location for each clinic when you register.  

If you have any questions about the registration process, setting up an online account through their department, please let us know at [email protected] OR contact them directly at r[email protected] or 616-355-1130.

Youth Clinics for 2023

The youth clinic details and information will be released the middle of January 2023. 

YOUTH Brand New Beginners Clinic Description
Our kids camps will get your kids playing the game of pickleball. Our main goal is to have fun and teach the rules of the game. We will also help them make good contact with the ball by working on hand/eye coordination drills. We always play fun games and races as well! This camp is designed for kids who cannot sustain a good rally, cannot yet serve from behind the line, or they have a tendency to pop up shots. Balls will be provided and we do have a limited amount of paddles to borrow, but prefer that if the child has access to one that they bring it.

Ages: 4th Grade and Up

YOUTH Experienced Clinic Description
Kids in this camp should have experience under their belt. They should be able to sustain a short rally in pickleball, know how to serve from behind the line and get it in fairly consistently, know how to return a serve, and hit a ball with some pace. Kids should show somewhat of a level of control and they should be familiar with most rules. In this class, we will work on strategy, playing correctly, and the soft game. Balls will be provided and we do have a limited amount of paddles to borrow, but prefer that if the child has access to one that they bring it.

Ages: 4th Grade and Up

Adult Pickleball Clinics for 2023

The adult clinic details and information will be released the middle of January 2023. 

Brand New Beginners Clinic Offerings for 2023
Come learn the fastest growing sport in America! In this beginners clinic class we will introduce you to the game of pickleball. Coaching includes rules, scoring and learning the basic strokes of pickleball. For this class, you will need a pickleball paddle. However, the class instructors are sponsored by Revolin Sports and will have a limited amount of paddles on hand for you to use if you do not yet have one. Balls will be provided.


Advanced Beginners Clinic Offerings for 2023
This pickleball class is geared toward the "pickleballer" in the 2.5 player range (see level descriptions below). In this class we will work on adding to the basic strokes of pickleball - serving, returning the serve, third shot drops and dinking. Balls will be provided and we will have limited paddles on hand for you to demo.

2.5 Player Description: An individual who knows the basics, and a majority of the rules (but probably not all of them).  An individual in this range will sometimes also play midcourt or have trouble with the concept of “returning and running” and “serving and staying”.  Most often, third shot drops are not implemented, but if they are, they are high or missed.  A 2.5 level will also serve and return serve inconsistently.  This level can sustain a short rally with people of similar skill levels.


Intermediate Clinic Offerings for 2023
This intermediate class is geared toward someone around the 3.0 level (see level description below). This class will expand on the basic strokes of pickleball where we will help with trouble areas (ie. popping up dinks, third shot drop strokes). In this class, we will also start implementing some strategy and help with intention of shots as well as direction. This class covers hitting shots with pace, dinking strategies, court positioning and more. Balls will be provided and you should bring your paddle.

3.0 Player Description: This level is defined as someone who always “serves and stays” for the serve, and will also “return and run” on a return of serve.  A 3.0 also knows what a third shot drop is, but is not yet proficient in this skill.  This level also can sustain a small dink rally, but often pops the ball up.  This level generally lacks direction and intent.


Advanced Clinic Offerings for 2023 
In this 3.5+ level class (see level description below), we will focus on strategy and some specialty shots, such as roll shots, punches, attacks, and blocking. This class will help you understand when speeding up the ball is appropriate and why. Similarly, we will help you understand how to slow down and take pace off the ball. Set-up shots will be introduced, and we will be able to help you with any problem areas such as stroke form. Balls will be provided and you should bring your paddle.

3.5 Player Description: This level is defined as someone who always “serves and stays” for the serve, and will also “return and run” on a return of serve.  Consistently working on a third shot drop, but is not yet accurate.  This level also can sustain a small dink rally and gets a majority of their serves in.  This level of player is beginning to understand when it is safe to run to the kitchen line and can understand a hard shot vs. a soft shot.


Specialty Clinic Offerings for 2023

Third Shot Drop Clinic - Learn how to neutralize your opponents advantage with the third shot drop. Once you are playing at the kitchen, your odds of winning the rally increase more than staying back and playing near the baseline. If done correctly, this is the shot that will get you up to the kitchen line to play the game. It doesn’t matter what level you are at for this camp - it is designed for you to work on and drill your third shot drops whether you are just learning the shot or looking for some dedicated drill time with feedback.

Serve and Return of Serve Clinic - Having trouble with your serve or return of serve? Come join the Serve and Serve Returns Camp. We will help you with the correct structure on getting your serve and return of serves more consistent. We will also help with strategies and then practice those strategies by hitting specific areas.

Dink and Dink Strategy Clinic
- Want to learn how to get a more consistent dink? Are you popping up the ball? Want to stress out to your opponent? If the answer is yes, come to this camp! We will help you in all areas of the dink game, including taking dinks out of the air as well.

Reset Clinic - Did you make a mistake and are now paying for it? Learn the art of resetting the ball when you are back off the kitchen line. This camp is similar to our third shot drop camp, but will focus more on resetting balls out of the air and resetting attacks at the kitchen.

Stacking Clinic - Stacking can be useful in many situations. Obviously if you play with a lefty, this camp will be useful! But it is also useful if you are playing tournaments. Whether you play men's, women's, or mixed, we will cover the art of stacking as well as stacking strategies. We will also cover how to expose the weakness of the stack.

Drives and Blocking Clinic - Are you struggling with when to use power and as well as how to diffuse it? Sick of people driving the ball at you? Come learn how to block those drives. While working on driving, we will show you the best strategies on when to use it effectively. Attendees in this class should be able to hit the ball with some pace, although we will help you with power and accuracy in the class as well. This class is not recommended for those just starting out in the game of pickleball.

Roll and Punch Shot Clinic - Learn how to do a forehand and backhand roll shot. This shot is particularly useful when you receive a waist high ball that you can put some pressure on an opponent. Want to know when to attack? We will help you identify which shots should be rolled or punched, and also help you get ready for when the ball comes back!

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